Food & Wine’s ‘Best Wings in America’ list is blind to the better wing places in Buffalo

If you know me, you have heard this rant before and I will spare you the long version.  In short, every list of ‘best chicken wings in the U.S.’ generally cite the Anchor Bar of Buffalo, NY as being on that list.  Yes, their wings are edible.  They are not bad.  But they are absolutely NOT the best wings in Buffalo.  There are multiple places, including two of my favorites, Gabriel’s Gate (the absolute best) located in the Allentown section of Buffalo as well as the Bar Bill, located in my hometown of East Aurora, NY, which both offer better wings than that of the Anchor Bar.  I understand I am being repetitive here, but yes the Anchor Bar was first, but this fact does not make them the best and I really wish that all these “listicles” would take a moment to do some research before simply throwing the first place that comes to mind on their lists.

Food and Wine’s List:

Alton Brown is a Golden God

A great article on Eater re: Alton Brown’s Christmas episode.  Worth a read.  Good Eats was my absolute favorite food-related show and I still reference it when looking for the best techniques to make particular foods, such as his scrambled eggs technique as well as his Thanksgiving turkey episode.  I have seen Alton Brown give a talk at Buffalo State University a couple years ago, which was both awesome and embarrassing (for some of the stupid questions asked of him by the audience.)  Recently, I have heard from an acquaintance who met him in-person at a book signing in Boston that confirmed that he was a very warm and nice person, despite his apparently brusk personality seen on Iron Chef (a show I admit I have not seen.)

Additionally, if you are looking for new Podcasts, check out the Alton Browncast.  He gives a lot more info than just food-related stuff, talking about himself, his other shows, and other ephemera.

WordPress 4.x HTTP ERROR uploading images to GoDaddy

Ran in to this issue after building the new site.  I was attempting to upload a new Header Image via the built-in tools and kept getting an HTTP ERROR when doing the upload.  The files would show up but with no image / error with the file.  Did some Googling and found multiple people with this issue, including here.  One fix that was mentioned, adding a line to your .htaccess file, did not fix the problem for me.  Another, using the “Default to GD” WordPress plugin did work.  Download the “Default to GD” .zip file here for upload to your WP site.  Use this plugin at your own risk.

Sour Beers!

A great guide to sour beers.  These have been my obsession as of late and it is nice to know more about them:  Lucky Peach is a great magazine, totally worth a subscription.

The flavor profile of a sour beer can be very different from any other one.  Many of the spots in the Cambridge / Boston area have been socking at least one sour beer recently, including Grafton Street in Harvard Square and Meadhall in Kendall Square.  If you want a HUGE variety of beers to choose from, sour and non-sour, Meadhall has over 100 taps.