Acton Trader Joe’s Expands, and other local stuff

Trying to keep up with more local news.

It looks like the Acton Trader Joe’s over on Great Road has taken over the old R.E.I. space and started to move things around.  When I was there last week they were in mid-move.  Unfortunately, still no wine or other alcohol.  One of the store workers seriously doubted that they will ever have those.


Acton Trails

Since moving to Acton, MA a few months ago, I’m beginning to find all sorts of resources.  There is, apparently, an Acton Trails site with references to hiking, canoeing, and camping resources nearby.  The site is and it looks to be run by the Acton Land Stewardship Committee.  Cannot wait for this endless winter to cease so I can get out and explore our new town.