Food & Wine’s ‘Best Wings in America’ list is blind to the better wing places in Buffalo

If you know me, you have heard this rant before and I will spare you the long version.  In short, every list of ‘best chicken wings in the U.S.’ generally cite the Anchor Bar of Buffalo, NY as being on that list.  Yes, their wings are edible.  They are not bad.  But they are absolutely NOT the best wings in Buffalo.  There are multiple places, including two of my favorites, Gabriel’s Gate (the absolute best) located in the Allentown section of Buffalo as well as the Bar Bill, located in my hometown of East Aurora, NY, which both offer better wings than that of the Anchor Bar.  I understand I am being repetitive here, but yes the Anchor Bar was first, but this fact does not make them the best and I really wish that all these “listicles” would take a moment to do some research before simply throwing the first place that comes to mind on their lists.

Food and Wine’s List: