Alton Brown is a Golden God

A great article on Eater re: Alton Brown’s Christmas episode.  Worth a read.  Good Eats was my absolute favorite food-related show and I still reference it when looking for the best techniques to make particular foods, such as his scrambled eggs technique as well as his Thanksgiving turkey episode.  I have seen Alton Brown give a talk at Buffalo State University a couple years ago, which was both awesome and embarrassing (for some of the stupid questions asked of him by the audience.)  Recently, I have heard from an acquaintance who met him in-person at a book signing in Boston that confirmed that he was a very warm and nice person, despite his apparently brusk personality seen on Iron Chef (a show I admit I have not seen.)

Additionally, if you are looking for new Podcasts, check out the Alton Browncast.  He gives a lot more info than just food-related stuff, talking about himself, his other shows, and other ephemera.