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  • Wednesday Wednesday

    What I’m Reading:

  • Friday End Of Year Approaching

    Today I’m wroking on Django/Github stuff. What I’m reading:

  • That sunset tho…

    It’s all over the Internets but that sunset last night was spectacular. Here is the quick shot I got from the parking lot of Stop & Shot in Wayland, MA:

  • Pretty, pretty princess

    What I’m Eating: What I’m Watching: I’m back to trying to get through Bojack Horseman (Netflix) this week on my old iPad Pro. It’s an excellent show. Sharp, funny, etc. Princess Caroline had the most poignant quote: ““…My life is a mess right now, and I compulsively take care of other people when I don’t…

  • Of COURSE it’s time for Ted Lasso… again

    What I’m watching: After yesterday’s insane and awesome game, we are streaming Ted Lasso on AppleTV again. I’m using an Apple TV 4k but it’s awesome that there is now an Apple TV app on various other devices.

  • Sunday Craziness

    End of an era: Frank “The Cadillac” Salemme died in prison at 89 years old. What a freaking game today. Argentina over France in probably the best soccer match I’ve ever watched.

  • Still getting used to updating more often….

    What I’m listening to: Going down an indie wormhole and brought up a ton of KEXP stuff and related Youtube-ings: Slowdive: Also Slowdive: Boygenius:

  • Friday I’m in whatever

    What I’m reading:

  • Monday, Monday

    It was quite the weekend! Lots of changes – a mini-sort-of vacation, and a new cat! Meet Rocky:

  • Today’s Special

    I’ll try to keep this updated. What I’m watching: What I’m doing: What I’m listening to: What I’m Eating: Made a simple chicken fettuccini alfredo tonight with some awful frozen-then-toasted garlic toast. Used my Lodge cast iron dutch oven for pretty much everything. It tempered the usually too-hot-too-cold nature of how I traditionally cook this…